June 25, 2024 | 4:24 AM


On this portal you can start and execute your entire application process to all ENSINO LUSÓFONA Institutions.
To start the application you must REGISTER and only then proceed to the application.
In the portal you can upload all the necessary documents to complete your process, submit and follow up the application.s

Here you can apply to one or more courses that you want to enroll and you will be able to track your application status. To apply, you have to:

Have a valid user and password to login, if you are new to our application and do not already have a user and password ,please create a new application account. After that you will receive a User Name and Password so that you can return to work on your application over several sessions. Your information is transmitted through a secured server and is kept confidential until you submit your application. Only after you submit your application will it be available for review by our admissions committee. Choose the type of admission you want to enroll in the left menu..

If you already HAVE AN APLICATION ACCOUNT (valid user name and password) , please login in the authentication box. Then you can check your personal details and follow the steps of the wizard.

  • Now, you have to choose the type of admission you want to apply. On the left menu there are all the different admissions descriptions you can to enroll. After that in the admission wizard you have to:
  • 1. Select the course or courses that you want to enroll.
  • 2. You must have to fill your personal data, academic curriculum and professional data, depending the type of admission you chose.
  • 3. Then, you have to fill your personal data, so that your application process gets completed.
  • 4. The system allows you to change your application information, to print or download the admission declaration any time. It also informs you if your application was accepted.